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Borin Margherita - Discover the World of Bugs

Borin Margherita - Discover the World of Bugs

Цена $19.80


The original format of this book allows the reader to explore the natural environment, discovering the various types of insect that can be found there. After observing the brightly coloured illustrations of a place - a piece of ground, the branches of a tree, a meadow - lift the flap to see the worms hiding under a stone, or a spider in its web.
The game of discovery will stimulate the young readers to pay more attention to the space around them, repeating the activities in the book and finding the insects in their natural environment.
The images of flies, butterflies and other small creatures are both detailed and imaginative, introducing the younger reader to the natural world together with the short, clear texts.
Изд-во: White Star Publishers
2018 г.

Москва, Санкт-Петербург, 415 пунктов выдачи по России

Оплата: наличный расчет, банковский перевод, Яндекс.Деньги, ROBOKASSA, почтовый перевод

Доставка: Курьером, cамовывоз, Почта России, курьером компании

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